Our philosophy of treatment is to provide a set of principles guiding the substance use disordered client toward a productive and sober lifestyle. We believe in the dignity and self worth of each individual, while recognizing the right of the individual’s freedom to determine his/her own standards and values. We believe in the client’s right to pursue his/her own lifestyle and to be treated without prejudice regardless of age, culture, race, religion, sex or personal preference.

We believe in a holistic approach to treatment, which include developing the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the client’s life. Emphasis is placed on the 12 Step principles and philosophies of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

It is our belief that counsellors should empower clients to realize and reach their full potential and to provide them the tools to reach that potential.

Establishing trust allows the client to explore and verbalize their innermost feelings in a comfortable, safe environment. Creating an environment of safety allows clients the opportunity to gather the autonomy and strength necessary to face their challenges, and build a recovery oriented lifestyle.

It is our belief that clients have the right not to have their information divulged to parties outside the counsellor/client relationship unless he/she has given written informed consent and that this must be respected and adhered to at all times.