The Flex Module Impaired Driving Series is an Impaired Driving Program approved by the Government of Bermuda in accordance with section 35 (K) of the Road Traffic Act 1947. This program satisfies the courts to make an order for the reduction in the period of disqualification under section 4 of the Traffic Offences (Penalty) Act 1976 of a DUI offender, upon successful completion.

The Flex Module Impaired Driving Series is a flexible version of the most widely replicated model for impaired driving offender intervention education. This participant focused, user-friendly curriculum:

  • Offers a personalized road map for good decision-making
  • Aligns with common local impaired driving education standards
  • Incorporates a colorful, engaging Interactive Journaling format
  • Includes a personal change plan which can being Integrated across the course hour
  • Emphasizes personal responsibility and commitment to change
  • Moves beyond basic education to application of effective strategies for behavior change.

The program runs for a 6- week cycle totaling 12 hours @ 2 hours per session. Program is held on Wednesday Evenings from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM at cost of $475.

  • Full payment is required prior to program participation. Cost of program includes all materials. Certificate of completion is provided to all participants who complete the full program along with application for reduction in disqualification period.
  • The program is geared toward Impaired Driving offenders and offender prevention.
  • All participants will complete a comprehensive assessment to determine if they could benefit from other services provided by Focus Counselling Services or one of our many referral partners.

Participants will explore the following:

Why Am I Here? invites participants to explore their arrest experiences and how they can make positive changes to their driving behavior.

Use, Misuse and Problem Use, participants explore different relationships to substances, including non-use, responsible use, misuse and problem use and evaluate their own relationships with substances.

Feelings and Behavior explores how events can lead to self-talk, which leads to feelings, which ultimately lead to behavior.

Change vs. Consequences explores financial, legal and social consequences of impaired driving.