Safe Environment

Focus Counselling Services Drop-In Center is a place where people in many different stages of Substance Use Disorder attend regularly.

No Alcohol or drug use is allowed on the premises. Clients are encouraged to participate in the services and programs offered; thus breaking the cycle of their addictive behavior which can often lead to treatment and long term recovery.

Focus‘ “safe environment” ensures that those with substance use disorder and those with those with a history of Alcohol or Drug use routinely have a voice. Focus Counselling Services staff affirms that the clients themselves are the primary agents of change and their recovery, we seek to empower clients to support each other in achieving a recovery-oriented lifestyle.

Summary of Objectives of the Drop-In Center

  1.  Outpatient Treatment Services
  2. Alcohol and Drug free environment.
  3. Gain access to counselling without an appointment
  4. Receive education on the effects of mind-altering chemicals.
  5. Obtain support for everyday challenges (e.g., addiction, work, hygiene, social and family issues).
  6. Receive Life skills training, e.g., job interviewing, resume development and money management.
  7. Obtain referral to other agencies for services we are unable to provide. e.g., Financial Assistance, Detoxification, Healthcare, Mental Health Services etc.