An “Open Door” policy is practiced at Focus., Persons can seek help without referral or appointments. In some cases, a referral will be made to the Bermuda Assessment & Referral Centre (BARC), Financial Assistance (F/A) and other agenciesas needed.


Staff will identify the needs of the client that cannot be met by Focus Counselling Services, and assist the client in connecting with and utilizing the community resources available.

Make the client aware of the alternatives that will provide the best possible outcome.

Inpatient Treatment Options 

Focus also offers “Pre-treatment” services for those preparing for residential or overseas treatment.  If you require specific information about overseas substance abuse treatment, contact Focus at

Supportive Residency / Sober Living

This is a transitional housing program for men who have completed a substance abuse treatment program.  Supportive Residency provides a safe substance free housing environment, aftercare services, life skills, and money management to help support ones recovery.

For more information about other substance abuse services, visit the Department for National Drug Control.