Trevanda Todd-Christopher

Trevanda Todd Christopher is a Financial Assistance Worker at the Department of Financial Assistance with over 20 years’ experience with assisting individuals in need. Trevanda holds an Honors Bachelors degree of Psychology and Combined Studies from London Guildhall University in London England. She also holds an MBA from Endicott College, Massachusetts USA.

Trevanda rejoined the Bermuda Government full-time in 2001, with the Department of Corrections as a Case Manager performing case management duties with the Department’s population. Trevanda’s current post allows her to work alongside Bermuda’s financially at-risk population while also managing Bermuda’s public purse.

Trevanda has vast experience in developing and implementing programs. She has a passion for working with people in various capacities. Trevanda has taken the opportunity to join Focus to be a part of the solution to the ever-growing social issues of substance abuse in Bermuda while providing support to the dysfunction of the family as a result of substance abuse. During non-working hours, the wife and mother enjoys spending time with family and friends. Trevanda also enjoys cooking and entertaining those around her.